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Thank you, CDTV☆
roler wrote in weavermusicblog
2009.11.8 / 17:32

Hi there!
Yesterday I made sure that I was awake to watch Countdown TV!

Having such a cute character say our band's name... I was just so happy!

We'll keep working hard every day so that we can be heard by lots more people!

This is something that happened this morning, but
even though I didn't set it, the Anpanman alarm clock in my room suddenly went off.

I was groggy with sleep and didn't know how to turn it off, so apparently I just took the batteries out of the bottom.

When I woke up, Anpanman was lying on his side with his batteries removed.

The clock said 5:15.

I just left him there when I got up, but in the evening I felt sorry for him and helped him out by putting his batteries back in.

A little bit later, when I looked at the clock, the time was perfectly correct.

Even though the batteries had been taken out.

For just a second I was really scared, but then I realized I must have put the batteries back in exactly twelve hours later.

I guess coincidences really do happen!

Oh, it just happened to be in my house, by the way; it's not like I'm an Anpanman maniac or anything!

But recently I like smooth bean paste more than lumpy bean paste.

I like akafuku mochi!^^

Well, see you later☆

Written by Kawabe Toru

emmling wrote in weavermusicblog
2009.11.10 / 2:43

Today we wer in the studio.*

To tell the truth, recently I didn't want to see any other people, so I really hated going to the studio, but the other two seemed so normal that I felt silly for sitting around worrying by myself lol

Having friends like that really makes me happy(^-^)

It's a bit random, but after a long time I've been listening to BILL EVANS again.
I can't get enough of his poignancy.

I want to drink scotch, but as I don't have any I'll have to make do with sake...

My favorite album is
The atmosphere they create with just piano and guitar really makes my chest tight.

I want to write songs that take people's breath away like that.

I want to write lots of great songs and release great albums!!

Please look forward to it, alright?

Written by Yuji Sugimoto

*Totally Sugi's typo there.

We went to 802
emmling wrote in weavermusicblog
2009.11.12 / 11:02

We were just at FM802*!

The DJ had a really nice voice!
You'd assume a DJ would have to have a good voice, because that's their job, but it's not always the case!
I liked it.

Late last night I was playing chinese checkers all by myself.
You know chinese checkers, right? Anyway, it's a game where you have to get to the other side of the board.

But it's not much fun to play by yourself^^

I always win☆

Well then, later.

Written by Toru Kawabe

*FM802, one of the major radio stations in Osaka.

"Lactic-acid bacilli"
emmling wrote in weavermusicblog
2009.11.13 / 20:22


When I'm hungry -> I eat sweets

and then

the chances of wrecking my tummy are


But it does depend on the sweets.

These are nice to my tummy!

Right now we're on the shinkansen!

Soon we'll be in Tokyo.

See you later~☆

Written by Toru Kawabe

emmling wrote in weavermusicblog
2009.11.17 / 12:30

Good mo~rning!

Tomorrow is the J-WAVE event we talked about when we were live on J-WAVE radio the other day.

Iya~, live radio makes me nervous...
If you listened to us, you understand what I mean (^^;) lol

But, but, we received mails from lots and lots of people while we were on the air, and it made us really happy!
We read all of them!
It made our hearts race!

Thank you!

Please enjoy tomorrow's show!^^

I wanna do a concert soon!

See you later (^-^)/

Written by Toru Kawabe