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Good Friends
roler wrote in weavermusicblog
2009.11.5 / 0:21

So cute!

They sure look like good friends.

You know how sometimes, even though two guys are enemies in the manga or anime version of something, they're working together in the movie?
Or how during a play, they may hate each other, but they shake hands during the curtain call?

I think that type of thing is great.

I feel really relieved.

It's good to get along.

Alright, goodnight!☆

Written by Kawabe Toru

College Festival
roler wrote in weavermusicblog
2009.11.6 / 13:23

The other day I went to Be~'s college festival!!

Oh, that's right, he's a college student! lol

Or did you already know that?\(^_^)/

He's in a music club, so they had a concert.
And Kawabe-kun was playing the drum on stage.

Uwaaa, that felt weird to watch!!

I discovered a lot of things, just by watching him from a different point of view.

He's actually pretty cool-looking!!

I'm just joking. lol
I'll never ever be able to see one of our own shows, so it was a really valuable chance to study and learn.(^-^)

There were lots of other bands there, and I was hoping to find a WEAVER copy band, so that we could come up behind them during their show and it would be like, "Ta-DA!! Here's the real thing!!" lol
But there weren't any WEAVER copy bands.(^-^)
We'll have to work harder.

I don't feel very comfortable in that atmosphere though, because I'm not a student, so I just watched the show and then left right away. lol
On the way home, I ate at Nishinomiya Gardens!!
Coldstone (^O^)/
They sang a song for me! So fun! lol

But there weren't enough people making the ice cream, so after they made everyone else's and sang, only mine was left and they just threw it together really fast.(^O^)/

What the heck?!