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Before a concert
roler wrote in weavermusicblog
2009.11.18 / 14:35

Today we have a concert. lol

My heart starts pounding every time we have a concert, for a variety of reasons.

Of course we can never do a show exactly as we'd imagined, but on the other hand sometimes a show goes so amazingly well that it surpasses our expectations, and we just can't get enough of that feeling, and I bet you all kind of know all this already. lol

Also, I always try to sleep a lot before a concert, to keep my physical condition up, but in this hotel in Tokyo, I can watch BS channels that I can't see at my own home!!
They're always showing soccer or something, and yesterday there was a special about the Beatles.... how am I supposed to sleep when there's something like that~?!

Well, actually I just watched a little and then went to sleep right away.(^-^)

Also, also, today a band called MUTEMATH is doing a show right next to us at O-EAST!!

I wish I could go see it!!

I'll use the power of that regret to put on a great show, one that will make you glad you chose our concert out of all the wonderful events going on, and one that will make me happy that we were able to do our own show today too!!

So I wonder what's going to happen today. lol

Let's make this the best day ever!

Written by Sugimoto Yuji