Thank you!
2009.11.29 / 21:40

The day before yesterday was our concert at Kobe VARIT.

It was really fun!!

Thinking about it, we gained a lot of experience points from this show.

Thanks to everyone who came to see us!

And please keep watching us from here on, too.

We announced it at the concert, and it's also on our website, but in spring we'll be doing a solo show for three days in a row at VARIT!

I'm looking forward to it!

We'll have to focus all our effort from now on for those shows!(*´∀`)

Before that, we'll release a mini-album. The mini-album will be like a WEAVER retrospective.
We'll re-record our current songs, as well as work on some new ones.
It will be something that our new fans and our current fans can look forward to!

Releasing a CD is a completely different kind of excitement!(^o^)

Although it's gradually getting colder and more like winter, the other day I saw some fall leaves and thought that Autumn is still hanging on.

Isn't the shape of maple leaves cute?

I like the color variation on these two.

Isn't it amazing?

Alright everyone, act like germ assassins and wash your hands and gargle so you don't catch a cold!

Well then, later!☆

Written by Toru Kawabe

My iPod is broken
2009.11.27 / 0:50

Give me a freakin' break...

how many things have to break on me this year?!

I bought NICO-san's album*. It's really good!(^-^)
I would tell you everything that I like about it, but tomorrow is our concert and I need to sleep. lol

I'll try that "early to bed, early to rise" thing.

Ah, the photo of me... uh, our cute panda doesn't seem to be showing up properly on the cell phone site, but we'll have it on stage with us from time to time. lol
It really is cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!(^O^)

And with that, though it's not the way I usually end this, I hope tomorrow's a great day!!


Written by Yuji Sugimoto

*NICO Touches the Walls, and specifically this album: Aurora

2009.11.26 / 2:45

Today we went to VARIT for a little bit to see a concert.

Being able to see a lot of different bands was really encouraging to us!!

Seeing bands that are younger than us reminded us of what we were like a year and a half ago. lol
It made me finally understand the meaning of the words, "Why are you acting so cool?! You guys aren't cool at all!!"

Tomorrow's concert is going to be really fun! lol

Also, for the first time on stage, we'll have the stuffed panda we take to Tokyo to stay calm.(=^ω^=)
Ahhhh, it's soooooo cuuuuuuuuuuute! lol

Written by Yuji Sugimoto

I want to go to the zoo
2009.11.23 / 2:12

Yesterday I went to Uni?lo.*

There were so many people!!
I didn't think it'd be any different from a regular weekend sale, but there were something like three times as many people there! lol

I really hate crowds of people, so I left without buying anything, but...

When people get asked what they like about Uni?lo, the biggest respose is that it's cheap, but I think the best thing is that they care about their customers!!

Don't you think the staff have the best smiles? (^-^)

The same things are important wherever you go in the world.

...Oh, I'm not a secret agent for Uni?lo or anything! lol hehehe

Tomorrow we're doing a quick day trip to Tokyo.
We'll be doing some interviews.

Recently I can't stop eating these. (´Д`)


Written by Yuji Sugimoto

*Sugi is talking about UniQlo, but he uses a symbol to block out part of the name so that it's perfectly identifiable but doesn't technically break any copyright rules.

2009.11.23 / 12:55

Soon we'll be in Tokyo!

Right now we're on the Shinkansen!^^

I think this drink will keep me healthy.

At our concert on the 27th...

we'll be making a fun announcement!

It's really exciting!

I'm off!

Written by Toru Kawabe

2009.11.22 / 12:59

When you're falling asleep in class

sometimes you

suddenly twitch awake, right?

I think that sort of bodily reaction

is unneeded!

Because of it, there are a lot of embarrassed people!


moving on

to something different now.

Soon we'll have a show at Kobe VARIT!

It's us and another group, so it'll be a long show.

We'll make it a show that you can't see anywhere else but VARIT!

Look forward to it!^^

Well then, later☆

Written by Toru Kawabe

My home
2009.11.19 / 22:35

Today I came back to Kobe.

It really is nice to be back.

I really like my home, after all.

I was happy to finally get to see my pet dog again.

Yesterday we had a show.

The audience was closer than I expected. lol

I was really surprised at how many messages we received during our live broadcast on J-WAVE, but
it's amazing that so many people showed up just from listening to the radio and applying for tickets through the show.

Maybe it's just because I don't listen to the radio much, but
I thought it was a fantastic event!

Thanks so much to the people who came!

We'll definitely become a band that makes you think,

"I'm glad I supported WEAVER.

I'm glad I went to see WEAVER.

I'm glad I found WEAVER."

So please keep supporting us from now on as well!\(^ー^)/

Ah, and since Sugi went and forgot to announce the download release of "Wraith" during the concert,

after the show, at the goods counter, I was constantly shouting,

"WEAVER's second download single, 'Wraith,' was released today! You can get it at any ringtone site, so please download it!"

Some people probably thought I was a staff member, but

I'm a member of the band. lol

I think. lol

Please keep cheering us on! lol

Next week, on November 27th, we'll be playing in a two-band show at our second home, VARIT.

I'm really just looking forward to a show at our home.

Everyone, please come!o(^-^)o

Ah, WEAVER's second download single, 'Wraith,' was released yesterday! You can get it at any ringtone site, so please download it! lol


Written by Okuno Shota

Time to go home
2009.11.19 / 18:36

Oh good, I can write a blog entry!!

Thank goodness my cellphone is working!!

Around the middle of each month, my phone always stops working.

... because I don't pay my phone bill.

Get a grip, Sugi( ̄ー ̄)!!

Anyway, we had a concert yesterday.
It was so fun that I forgot to announce all sorts of things, like the download release of "Wraith." lol

I said, "Hey Tokyo!" but actually people came from all sorts of places to see us; that made me really happy.
Every single time, I feel so much better thanks to all your smiles; thanks so much!!

And next week we'll be having a show at VARIT.
You know, a band looks different depending upon what venue it's playing in, and our favorite place, as well as the place where we most want to be seen, is VARIT.
Even if you don't live in Kansai, I hope you can come see us just once at Kobe VARIT., the place that has raised us into what we our now.

We'll be waiting for you!(^-^)

Alright, now I'll go back to Kobe!!

Written by Sugimoto Yuji

2009.11.19 / 11:38

Congratulations on the release of "Wraith"!

I'm congratulating myself!!

Yesterday was the release date.

And on that important day, we were playing a show in Shibuya.

There were so many people in the audience, it was amazing!
We were so surprised and grateful, thinking, "You all actually know who we are?!"

Thanks so much to all of you who came to see us!

It was SO fun!!

We'll get better so we can put on better and better shows.^^

And after all that, I'm now back in Kobe.

The air is so fresh here at home.

Ah, everyone, please don't forget to download Wraith.^^

Bye bye!

Written by Kawabe Toru

Before a concert
2009.11.18 / 14:35

Today we have a concert. lol

My heart starts pounding every time we have a concert, for a variety of reasons.

Of course we can never do a show exactly as we'd imagined, but on the other hand sometimes a show goes so amazingly well that it surpasses our expectations, and we just can't get enough of that feeling, and I bet you all kind of know all this already. lol

Also, I always try to sleep a lot before a concert, to keep my physical condition up, but in this hotel in Tokyo, I can watch BS channels that I can't see at my own home!!
They're always showing soccer or something, and yesterday there was a special about the Beatles.... how am I supposed to sleep when there's something like that~?!

Well, actually I just watched a little and then went to sleep right away.(^-^)

Also, also, today a band called MUTEMATH is doing a show right next to us at O-EAST!!

I wish I could go see it!!

I'll use the power of that regret to put on a great show, one that will make you glad you chose our concert out of all the wonderful events going on, and one that will make me happy that we were able to do our own show today too!!

So I wonder what's going to happen today. lol

Let's make this the best day ever!

Written by Sugimoto Yuji


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