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My home
roler wrote in weavermusicblog
2009.11.19 / 22:35

Today I came back to Kobe.

It really is nice to be back.

I really like my home, after all.

I was happy to finally get to see my pet dog again.

Yesterday we had a show.

The audience was closer than I expected. lol

I was really surprised at how many messages we received during our live broadcast on J-WAVE, but
it's amazing that so many people showed up just from listening to the radio and applying for tickets through the show.

Maybe it's just because I don't listen to the radio much, but
I thought it was a fantastic event!

Thanks so much to the people who came!

We'll definitely become a band that makes you think,

"I'm glad I supported WEAVER.

I'm glad I went to see WEAVER.

I'm glad I found WEAVER."

So please keep supporting us from now on as well!\(^ー^)/

Ah, and since Sugi went and forgot to announce the download release of "Wraith" during the concert,

after the show, at the goods counter, I was constantly shouting,

"WEAVER's second download single, 'Wraith,' was released today! You can get it at any ringtone site, so please download it!"

Some people probably thought I was a staff member, but

I'm a member of the band. lol

I think. lol

Please keep cheering us on! lol

Next week, on November 27th, we'll be playing in a two-band show at our second home, VARIT.

I'm really just looking forward to a show at our home.

Everyone, please come!o(^-^)o

Ah, WEAVER's second download single, 'Wraith,' was released yesterday! You can get it at any ringtone site, so please download it! lol


Written by Okuno Shota

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Hahahh.. Shota-san is omoshiroi
The "promotion" part got me lol..

It's rare though to see someone besides vocalist or leader
give some promotions during live.. XD

Hee hee, Sugi's often really flakey when he's trying to talk during shows, but it's really endearing! XD Maybe they should put Okkun in charge of promotions even though he's not the front man... ;P

By the way, have you seen weavermusic too? If you like WEAVER, you might be interested in the lyrics translations and news posts and stuff there. :)

Yes, I already join there =) the boys are talented, I'm looking forward to hearing more about them in the future..

Oh, thanks very much!

We'll try to keep these communities updated as much as possible! :)

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