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Time to go home
roler wrote in weavermusicblog
2009.11.19 / 18:36

Oh good, I can write a blog entry!!

Thank goodness my cellphone is working!!

Around the middle of each month, my phone always stops working.

... because I don't pay my phone bill.

Get a grip, Sugi( ̄ー ̄)!!

Anyway, we had a concert yesterday.
It was so fun that I forgot to announce all sorts of things, like the download release of "Wraith." lol

I said, "Hey Tokyo!" but actually people came from all sorts of places to see us; that made me really happy.
Every single time, I feel so much better thanks to all your smiles; thanks so much!!

And next week we'll be having a show at VARIT.
You know, a band looks different depending upon what venue it's playing in, and our favorite place, as well as the place where we most want to be seen, is VARIT.
Even if you don't live in Kansai, I hope you can come see us just once at Kobe VARIT., the place that has raised us into what we our now.

We'll be waiting for you!(^-^)

Alright, now I'll go back to Kobe!!

Written by Sugimoto Yuji


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